About Me

I am a MS SQL DBA Admin, born And brought up in Mumbai … Done My engineering IN Electronics And Telecommunications  Many people called it as EXTC …

I started working In IT industry because lack of opportunity in telecommunication field… i joined this industry 4 years ago in 2011 to be specific……Work with Different companies and different clients …  and with Different versions Of SQL server ranging from SQl server 2000 to SQL server 2014 ( lucky or unlcky but i havent work on old SQl like sql 6.5 n 7 )…..

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by People who have strong knowledge in there domain who tends share there wisdom unlike many who just show off but don’t share any.  Taking a lesson from their behaviour, I am sharing whatever i learn in My professional life …….

Currently I am working With One Of The prestigious organization CAPGEMINI as SQL  DBA  with very wast SQL environment….. following the SQL server Blog written by  Many Of The BIG SHOTS in the industry … and writing my own …

The posts on my blog features many of SQL server related data, tricks and updates .. I love sharing my experience, problems troubleshooting tips and ideas with you

and hopefully the result is that you…..  enjoy!


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